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Brand Name Origin - Business Quiz Questions with Answers.

Which brand name is an abbreviation for 'Castor Oil'?
Answer: Castrol. The product, originally made by the Wakefield Motor Oil company, had castrol oil as its base.

How did Aspro get its name?
Answer: During World War-I, the Australian authorities cut off the supply of asprin from Bayer, Germany. A local chemist name George Nicholas made his version of asprin. Since it was a 'Nicholas Product', the name Aspro was derived.

Which brand got its name from the founder, Harry Pickup?
Answer: Harpic, the lavatory clinic.

Which Japanses company's name means 'Three Diamonds'?
Answer:  Mitsubishi Motors. The company's logo comprises of three diamonds.

How did the cigarette brand 555 get its name?
Answer: A myth is that the name was derived from a cricket partnership of 555 runs between two English cricketer. The truth is that it was take from a train called the Empire State Express which ran from Buffalo to New York City.  The engine number for this train was 999. Based on this, the founder of the company Albert Levy, introduced various brands of cigarettes starting from 111 to 999, of which 555 became the most famous.

In Latin, it means 'I roll'. Which famous Car brand are we talking about?
Answer: Volvo.

Pepsi is a world-famous brand. Why is it called Pepsi?
Answer: It was originally intended as a relief for dyspepsia.

This brand of cigarettes owes its name to the Californian Gold Rush. Name the brand?
Answer: Lucky Strike.

How did a shoe polish get the unlikely name of Cherry Blossom?
Answer: The name was originally used by the Chiswick Shoe company for a toilet soap packed in tins. Later, this company brought out shoe polish in a similar packing and used the same name.


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