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Do and Don't While Starting An Interview?

Interview on time

You're in the interview, sitting opposite the interview. What happens now?
Your interview will probably open the interview with a brief introductory chat about the company, the job, the form the interview will take, etc. there will also be general 'social' questions designed to break the ice.

Did you have a good journey?
Was the Traffic, Okay?
Did you find the building?

Beware: The impression you five in these first few minutes will linger throughout the rest of the interview. Although the questions are genuinely meant to put your ease, your response will still form a picture in the interviewer's mind.

Smile: Do your share of the ice breaking by smiling and making eye contact.

Answer warmly and pleasantly: Behave as you would in any somewhat formal social situation.

Give a positive response: Whatever the circumstances, give the impression of being calm and in control.

Gabble Feverishly: You should have got there in enough time to regain both your breath and composure.

Clam up: On the other hand, try to give more than a terse, one word answer.

Complain: However bad the traffic, however difficult the office was to find, don't make an issue of it;
1) you'll be seen as a moaner;
2) they will wonder how you cope with other minor problems and irritations;
3) you'll be making the same journey every day if they employ you, so are they going to have to listen to you complain every time?

Blame: Don't pick fails in their directions or instructions even if you could improve on them.

Ramble: this is not the time for lengthy answers about routes, time tables, maps etc.

Put yourself down. You don't need to explain how disorganized you are or what a poor sense of direction you have.

Use problems as a excuse. They wont see being stuck in a traffic jam that morning as a reason for doing badly in the interview.


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