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Corporate Governance Codes around the World.

Different Country follows different codes, recommended by different people on much huge research which suits the local market. Here are the all the Corporate Governance Codes followed by the different countries.


Principles for Corporate Governance in Kenya, Private sector.
Corporate Governance Trust, 2002.
Sample Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance , Private Sector Corporate Governance Trust, 2002.

South Africa:
King II Report on Corporate Governance  for South Africa, Institute of Directors in South Africa, 2002.
King I Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, Institute of Directors in South Africa, 1994.


Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations, Australian Stock Market ASX Corporate Governance Council, March 2003.
Corporate Governance  - Volume One: In Principles, Audit Office of New South Wales, Sydney, June 1997.
Corporate Governance  - Volume Two: In Principles, Audit Office of New South Wales, Sydney, June 1997.
Bosch Report, Australian Financial Institutions, Sydney, 1995.
Strictly Boardroom, Fred Hilmer, InfoAustralia, 1992

New Zealand:
Corporate Governance in New Zealand: principles and Guidelines, The New Zealand Securities Commission, Wellington, February/March 2004.
Corporate Governance Principles, The New Zealand Securities Commission, November 2003.

The Code of Corporate Governance for Bangladesh, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute March 2004.

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Institute of Directors joint statement on explanations required on a director's resignation, May 2007.
Hong Kong Code on Corporate Governance, Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, November 2004.
Mode Code for Securities Transactions by Directors of Listed Companies Basic Principles, Hong Kong Securities, 2001.
Corporate Governance Disclosure in Annual Reports, Hong Kong Society of Accounts, 2001.
Code of Best Practice, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, 1999.

Report of the Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee on Corporate Governance, Securities and Exchange Board of India, 2000.
Desirable Corporate Governance in India - A Code, Confederation of Indian Industry, 1998.

Code for Good Corporate Governance, the National Committee on Corporate Governance, 2001.
Code for Good Corporate Governance, the Nation Committee on Corporate Governance 2000.

Principles of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies, Tokyo Stock Exchange, April 2004.
Revised Corporate Governance Principles, Japan Corporate Governance Forum, October 2001.
Corporate Governance Principles: A japanese view, committee of the Corporate Governance forum of Japan, Tokyo, October 1977.
Urgent Recommendations concerning Corporate Governance, Japan Federation of Economic Organisations (Keidanen), September 1977.

Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance, Securities Commission Malaysia, March 2000.

Code of Corporate Governance (Revised), the securities and Exchange commission of Pakistan, March 2002.
Stock Exchange Code of Corporate Governance, the securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, March 2002.

Code of Proper Practices for Directors, Institute of Corporate Directors, March 2000.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Stock Exchange joint statement dissolving the council of Corporate disclosure and  Governance, and jointly assuming responsibility for overseeing Corporate Governance of listed companies, May 2007.
Code of Corporate Governance, Council on Corporate Disclosure and Governance, July 2005.
Revisions to the Code of Corporate Governance, December 2004.
Code of Corporate Governance, March 2001.

South Korea:
Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance, Committee on Corporate Governance, September 1999.

Taiwan Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, Taiwan Stock Exchange, GreTai Securities Market, 2002.

Code of Best Practice for Directors of Listed companies, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, October 2002.
Best Practice Guidelines for Audit Committee, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, June 1999.
The Code of Best Practice for Directors of Listed Companies, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, January 1998.


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