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Step wise, How a Condolence letter should be written?

Here is the step by step guide how to write an condolence letter.

Although sympathy cards are available, a letter of condolence is more personal.  Letters of condolence should be written with a sincere tone.  If at all possible, reflect on the person who has died.

Step 1: The first part of the letter offers your condolences.

Step 2: The second part of the letter, if possible, should reflect on the person who has died.  If you knew the person well, personal recollections are appropriate.  If you did not know the person well or at all, this part is optional, although if you can relate this person’s life to your own in some way, you should include this part.

Step 3: The last part of the letter offers further condolence or support.

Example format:

Dear XYZ,

[Personal Recollection of deceased, its optional]
[Further Condolence of offers of support]

  [Your Name]
  [Company Name]


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