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Interview Question: Give me an outline of your current position?

This question focuses more closely on your actual job.  It is practically asking for your current job description to see how well it matched the job you're applying for.  The interviewer wants to know things like:

  • what your tasks and responsibilities are;
  • the skills required to do your job;
  • the strengths and personal aptitudes you bring to it;
  • the key objectives of your job;
  • targets and result criteria;
  • whom you answer to - your positions in the company hierarchy and level of authority.
Question: What does you current job entail? Describe a typical day to me.

With this question, the interviewer is looking for a more personal interpretation of your job.  They want to see how you view your tasks and responsibilities.  They want to know:
  • what you see as the prime purpose of your job;
  • the tasks and responsibilities your job entails;
  • the skills, strengths and aptitudes you employ;
  • the problems you routinely encounter and how you deal with them effectively;
  • how you work with others - as part of a team, dealing with staff, meeting customers or clients, etc.
  • what you enjoy and find satisfying about your job.
After hearing your answers to these sorts of open questions, the interviewer will usually to on to ask other question to fill in more details - 'Tell me more about x', 'can you say a bit more about y?'


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