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Step-by-Step, Writing Personal Business Letters with examples.

Here are the steps for writing personal business letters.

Step 1: The first part of the letter states your purpose.  Depending on the reason for writing the letter, this may vary from congratulating a business associate or employee to extending a holiday greeting.

Step 2: The second part of the letter gives the details or background information for the first part.  This may include details about an employee’s accomplishments or personal comments concerning the first part.

Step 3: The last part of the letter acts as a summary, reminding the recipient of the general nature of the litter may include deadlines, a thank you note or a re-request.  It is not necessary in many of the personal business letter to have a third part.

Congratulate an employee, relative of an employee or business associate on an accomplishment.

[Date] August 21, 2010

Dear XYZ,

Congratulations on your win in the [Where the person won] at [Place].

To be able to win at such a young age is quite an accomplishment.  I understand that not only did you win the [prize or anything] but also came within points of the [some other, if any].

Your mom is so proud of you. Congratulations once again.

[Name and Position Name, Company Name]


  1. Such wonderlful blogs..really helps me in writing my bussiness letter. I wana know if there is a sample of yours? letter


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