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Condolence Letter: On the Death of a Wife.


[Date] August 21, 2010

Dear XYZ,

[Condolence] Please accept our condolences on ther untimely passing of your wife [Deceased Name].  It is difficult to understand why such tragedies happen, and I do now understand why [Deceased Name] was taken from you so early in your life together.
[Personal Recollection of deceased, its optional] You must now surround with good friends and the pleasant memories you have of [Deceased Name].  I remember her beaming smile at the company picnics.  She seemed to have a zest for life that few of us do and was willing to share that zest with others.  I shall never forget her enthusiastic win of the sack race last year.

[Further Condolence of offers of support] Please accept what little comfort these words can give you.  If I/We can help you in any way please call.

[Your Name]

Another Way:  

Condolence Letter: Death of Husband or Wife.


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