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Business Letter Format, Guidelines, Salutation, Closing the letter with Explanation.

Often one get a doubt how to write a Business Letter, what guidelines to follow? How the format should be? How the letter should be started and ended? What should be the opening salutation? What all can be put in the body of the letter? 

For all questions, here is the answer.

Return Address

Today's Date

Name of recipient
Recipient's Title
Name of company, organisation, or institution Street address or post office box
City, State, Zip Code.

Opening Salutation:
Body of Letter:

Closing Salutation,
(four returns here)
Your Signature
Your Name

Here it is the detailed explanation of each step specifically.

Return Address: If you have pre-printed stationery, there is no need to include a return address at the top of your letter.  However, if you do not, you must include this information at the very top (note: use only your address - your name still foes under your signature at the bottom).  Never expect the recipient to find your address on the envelope, as it is often discarded upon opening.

Today's Date: Dating your letter, and dating it in a clear manner, is crucial.  Always completely spell out the month.  Us actual numbers for the date and year.  For example, May 17, 2009.

Recipient's Name and Address: As stated above, the person to whom you are sending the letter will always choose to read and answer a letter addressed specifically to him before one with a generic greeting, for instance, "Dear Sir" or "Gentleman".

Opening Salutation: The easiest and most proper form of salutation and simple "Dear Mr. (name)" for a woman.  For official titles, consult the "Forms of Address" glossary at the back of the book.  Remember to never use a first name only unless you already know the person well.. Follow your greeting with a colon. 

Body of the Letter: As you can see, the format page above is in "full-block" style, with all paragraphs flush left.  Allow a full space between the paragraphs.  All business letters should be types or printed from a computer.

It is important to organize your thoughts carefully.  the more coherent and structured your letter, the more impressive your statement.  Be brief and get right to the point.  Report facts accurately, without exaggeration or hyperbole.  The recipient of your letter will appreciate your consideration of her time, as well as your respect for her intelligence.  The letters in the book follow there rules.  Use them as is, but learn from them at the same time.

Conclusion: You will notice that at the end of almost every sample business letter contained in this book, a 'thank you' appears before the closing.. It can be placed at the end of the body of the letter, or in a separate paragraph by itself.  This show of gratitude is not only a sign of common decency, but also a subtle nudge towards a response that will ultimately benefit you. "Thank you for your assistance" not only expresses appreciation, it subtly rewards the recipient for the efforts she is about to make on your behalf.

Closing Salutation: Since this is a business letter, it is important that your closing reflect a respectful distance.  Never assume anything more! Therefore, informal closing such as "Fondly," "Best regards", or "Your truly" are inappropriate.

In nearly every case, a simple "Sincerely" will do just fine.  Always leave at least four line space for your signature, under which your name will appear typed.  You may also include additional information below your name. 
CC: It stands for "Carbon copy".  To send a copy of your letter to another person, such as your attorney, your recipient's attorney etc. you would place those names in list format after the CC: -

Enclosure: In many cases, you will need to support your position with copies of original documents.  For instance, if you are writing got a bank to dispute a charge on your statement, you will need to enclose a copy of that statement.  You would then type "Enclosure: Statement for checking account number (your account number)".


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