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Letter to Insurance Company: Policy Cancellation

Dear (Name of Insurance Company customer service representative/ Agent/ Broker):

This letter is to hereby notify you of my intent to cancel my (Health/ Life/ Auto/ Fire, etc) policy with (Name of Insurance Company), effective (date).

Since signing the policy agreement on (date), I have reevaluated my coverage, and decided that it is not sufficient for my needs.  Specifically, I have found that (the rates are too high/ other customers have expressed concerns about your ability to process settlements fairly etc.), and I believe I can find more suitable terms elsewhere.
The amount of (amount) that I paid on (date) covers (length of time), so I request that you pro-rate the unused portion of my policy and refund the amount to me to the address below.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
(Your Details and address)


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