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Personal Letter along with Marriage Invitation Card.

More often one will think how it feels when people are not invited to the marriage personally? And it wont convince the recipient in attending the marriage as they feel they are ignored.  So always those who are not invited personally should be sent a personal short message which will convince them. 

This is how a short personal letter along with the marriage invitation card should be written and sent.

Dear Mr.(Name) and Mrs.(Name),

We are very happy to inform you that the marriage of our son/daughter (Name) with (Bride/Groom Name) is scheduled to take place on (Date).  Invitation is enclosed herewith.  Due to various reason as you would understand, we are unable to come and invite you personally.  However, please kindly treat this as our personal invitation and attend the wedding well in advance and bless the couple.

Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding,

Yours Affectionately,
(Both wife and Husband personal signature is preferred)


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