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Letter to Company: Claiming the Undelivered Product.

Dear (Name of Customer Service Representative):

I would like to call to your attention a service discrepancy.
On (date), I ordered a (Type of product) from your company.  I also (enclosed a check/charged my credit card account) for (amount).  It was my understanding that I would receive the  (Type of productwithin (length of time).

It is now (date), and I have not received the  (Type of product).  But my records show that you (cancelled my check/charged my account) on (date), and I have enclosed a copy of the (cancelled check/credit statement) as proof.

If the product has not yet been sent, please deliver it immediately.  If there is a problem, please contact me immediately to explain the reason for the delay. I understand that sometimes unforeseen problems occur, but I find it irresponsible not to notify customer of delays.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
(Your Name and Details)


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