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Why Business Letter And Guidelines To Write and Format.

Business Letters serve two main purposes first, they open the lines of communication to help you receive a desirable response, whether it's solving a problem , making arrangements, or seeking information; and second, they server as official records of correspondence, so that you can strengthen your case, if need be, with physical proof.
It is vitally important that you follow a few simple rules when writing business letters. Doing so will allow you to capture the attention of the recipient and enable you to get what you want.
  • Imagine yourself in the position of the recipient.  You have stack of mail on your desk and you don't take time or, frankly, the inclination to read and answer each and every letter.  Which do you respond to? The one that is addressed "To Whom It Made Concern" and is sloppily written, or the one that it addressed to you personally, formatted neatly, and communicated respectfully and effectively?
  • Today's business world is technologically advanced-virtually every type of office is computerized.  But the people who run these offices is are still very much human beings, so the traditional rules of effective letter writing, with a respectful human touch, still apply.  In fact, it could be argues that in an increasing automated world, it is even more important to emphasis on our human qualities.
Other Guidelines:
  • Get to the point! Respect the time of the recipient, and don't burden him or her with rambling or secondary background information.  State your reason for writing in your first paragraph and stay on track.
  • Always include facts that will help ease the recipient's task.  For instance, if you are writing to a bank, mention your account number early so that he will not have to look it up.
  • If you refer to other correspondence, mention those by date, check number, etc.  Include copies whenever possible.
  • Always be courteous! Even if you are frustrated or angry, maintaining a cool, calm approach will be beneficial to your situation.
Business Letter Format:

Use the following as a guidelines to writing an effective business letter:

Return Address

Today's Date

Name of recipient
Recipient's Title
Name of company, organisation, or institution Street address or post office box
City, State, Zip Code.

Opening Salutation:

Body of Letter:

Closing Salutation,

(four returns here)

Your Signature
Your Name


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