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Letter to Politician: To Fix Pothole in your Locality.

Dear (Name of Politician),
I am writing to you about my concern for the safety of the motorists and cyclists who traverse (Name of street) in (Name of city) on a daily basis.  There are several potholes on this street that are in desperate need of repair, so much so that they have become a serious safety hazard.
I have enclosed a copy of a petition signed by (Number) residents in this area, all of whom feel just as strongly about repairing these obstacles as I do.

I understand that the city's budget is tight, but public safety should be out number one priority, and the cost of these repairs is relatively small.  The benefit to the public, however, is great.
I implore you to use your influence in city hall to see that this work be approved as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention to my concerns.


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